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We can achieve profound things in our lives only when we are healthy. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The physical and mental well-being of a person is dependent on the sports activities that he/she performs.

Sports help us in myriad ways by improving our overall personality and helping us to have a laser focus on anything that we do. Sports can be said to be any physical activity or game done for the competition. Besides improving physical ability and skills, sports add thrill to participants and in some cases, entertainment to the spectators.

There are hundreds of sports in which participants compete as teams or compete as individuals. Sports is considered a system of activities based on physical abilities. There are a set of rules or customs to ensure fair competition.

History of Sports

The history of sports can be traced back to ancient times. The physical activity that developed into sports had origins in rituals, entertainment and warfare.

We can find out from the history of sports that there occurred many social changes and about the nature of sports itself. The development of human beings is also interlinked with sports.

Dating back to the origin of sports, it was used for military training to find out whether individuals were fit for a particular service.

History Of Sports

Benefits of Sports


There are numerous benefits of sports. Sports make the heart stronger and prevent heart disease, leading to the life expectancy of individuals. Thus, a healthy heart regulates healthy blood pressure.

Playing sports involve physical activity of the body. So, the blood vessels remain clean. Sports regulate cholesterol and fats in the body. It happens due to the increase in flexibility of the wall of the blood vessels. Apart from these, sports also maintain the blood sugar level. Due to physical activity, sugar cannot accumulate in the blood.

Sports help a person in maintaining appropriate body weight and remain fit and trim. A person playing sports does not suffer from obesity or underweight issues.

Playing sports will keep a person’s bones stronger even in old age. There is also scientific evidence that proves that sports prevent many diseases such as cancer.

Sports help a person in building self-confidence. Thus, sports improve the overall personality of an individual. Sports inculcates discipline in life. Sports teach many values such as dedication, patience, and how to handle failure.

Sports help in developing the thinking ability of individuals. It sharpens the intellect of a person.

It has been observed that children who play sports fare well in exams than those who don’t.

Above all, sports act as a stress buster. A person playing sports does not go through bouts of depression. Sports bring peace, calmness, joy and happiness to an individual.



Therefore, we can conclude that sports are an important facet of the journey of life of an individual. It enriches the quality of life. Every individual must develop the habit of playing some sport or the other.

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