Types Of Law

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Well, the answer to it is pretty simple. Any set of rules that you need to follow to maintain the decorum of the country, or an organization or firm, or a place for that matter is stated as law.

Laws cannot be enforced if there is no authority to look over whether they are being followed or not.

For example, let’s consider that there is a law that states that mental harassment is a criminal offense, but if there is no court where you can complain against it, then the existence of that law makes no sense.

Laws exist everywhere. Our country has several laws too to provide its citizens with justice in all circumstances. This law promises the citizens of the country protection of life.

However, these laws are amendable. Amendable means subjected to change.


Types of Laws

Indian legal system has a number of laws that help people to attain justice. Types of laws that exist in the Indian system include:

  1. Criminal Law
  2. Environment Law
  3. Media Law
  4. Corporate Law
  5. Property Law
  6. Family Law
  7. International Laws
  8. Civil Law

These laws have various sections under them to provide justice in all circumstances. For example, Criminal law has sections for murder, robbery, suicide, etc.

Why are Laws Important?

Every country has its own Laws, but why exactly are they important? Here are a few reasons why:

  1. They outline the behaviour that is acceptable in society. For example, you can’t steal or murder someone. That is inhumane and unacceptable.
  2. Laws let you gain justice. If you are in some kind of problem whether, at home or where you work, you can seek justice for yourself. Corporate laws are really strict and help you gain justice in case of harassment, delayed or unpaid salaries, etc.
  3. Laws are meant to keep everyone safe. If you are threatened to be murdered, by law you can request police protection. In the case of cybercrime where you are being blackmailed, you can take the help of the law to be safe.
  4. Law gives you various career options to choose from. There are varieties of lawyers who deal with different types of cases and thus you have various career options. Besides you can also choose criminal psychology which is a great career option related to law.

Laws are thus important to maintain peace in a country or firm and also to solve conflicts. Every individual in the world has a right to live as he wishes and with the best possible facilities and the laws are made to ensure that.

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