The Ultimate Guide to Magic Mushrooms, Golden Teacher

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One of the most well-known varieties of the magic mushroom Psilocybecubensis is called “golden teachers.” Even in less-than-ideal growth conditions, they are noted for producing enormous fruits. As a result, they have become a favourite among growers and a staple among spore suppliers all over the world.The effects, potency, and possible advantages of golden teacher mushrooms are all covered in the following sections. We’ll also give a quick rundown of the growing procedure and explain why this strain is so popular among mushroom enthusiasts.

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golden teacher mushrooms

How Do Golden Teachers Appear?

Golden instructor mushrooms, as its name implies, have caps that range in color from gold to caramel and have white, light gills. When young, they have a little conical shape; as they become older, they become convex, then flatten. As their spores begin to fall, older mushrooms may get discolored a purple-black color. The hollow stems get thicker towards the base.As far as cubensis strains go, golden instructor mushrooms are on the bigger side. The caps’ diameter can reach three inches, although two inches is more common. While future flushes might result in significantly bigger mushrooms, the first flush typically produces medium-sized fruits.

Golden instructor fungi do not naturally occur, and wild cubensis fungi often have smaller, darker caps. We do not advise collecting these mushrooms in the wild unless you are certain of their identification because there are some that might be toxic look-alikes.

Effects of Golden Teachers

Golden Teachers’ main active component, like that of other cubensis strains, is psilocybin. This molecule is converted by the body into psilocin, which has psychedelic effects via binding to serotonin receptors. The benefits can start as soon as 10–20 minutes after application, but often require 30–60 minutes.

These impacts often involve modifications to perception, feeling, and emotion. Some folks report seeing visual impacts like brighter colors or changing geometric patterns. Golden instructors have less reports of visual impacts than certain other types of mushroom, though. The majority of consumers speak of their experiences as insightful and spiritual, which is consistent with the “teacher” in their name.

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